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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 30, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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atl fey. anin cartadt esc sfe are an ardtscsar kingpla. vingroub getng the sc e be use ngea roaays are ng ub et tbad. whenhe rivesc obee heoascenee she' brid. en mch ve re e'ri sands tr l of m vastion in at go beydfloong. nd tr a ofre h deststyen at ast go50eyoo .homein t a hreezpoinstat t ighbhoodf ueenme new t ezyorkin hbod en ewborafeyeck iover grk thatart the sto. raye i gooder rni att hede to >>.eporr: gd moing. wan odo teni yo tdedama >>or gmog. an t heoteyo tma is he re tnexrdy. tn 50hos. 50missg thrfaes stho shred f.ssth thisentlannd fas famy wereshered istl overght. am is istev andreeis wif ert. ievdifnd s dauter. rst alltells, y sted ornig. wh was iur. t llllike? y st >> oighereas whas notng i yououlde? >> redo. ere ots warsurrndinould . e warrinhe hoe.
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ho hoe. repter:hy d youecid to sck iout? >> i ho vo nteeepr: dfireoughteid s i t?tryi to ve a i helng voeerete yio ahanel d we tn wtraed. n't en hpanydy coun't hpra. t self h >> rorte wernythermomes ou tere u t houghthis lf r te weere noergoinmeto me e t tghut?s wenoin mt? absotely soluly. repter:ou a clely so ly akeny t epr: ale eny ves,ater >> tyeah ter ca iidethe s,er ahhse. ra iee me io th basehnt a thenunctrolblytart co ing uthse t f athe fir enncolyrt co flo u. t weent e to ire send flo. wasopinlo aybewet o se loit wld as op. d itinbe evtual di. w anthen lo ing. out t i wind ev al saw hedi iresan aenlo gt tcoul'tnd tellawft wa00es aards o r a ul mi llay.fwa 's jdst o a misoriet. iouldt te whe j s. thohtso et wer ildtehe oing.o hav ho g ermpn t war. wasngav t wa asterrle. repter:ou webleo pa up ur c. rr wh. did ou r lizeepou hr: a w ndowo geout?
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ile utpa tp ccar wh onid r hzeher h owge t? gr nd t day trn hr gr tayfor obvisly. notor viy. nontil hu jredsf no tusann hudsno tanofar cars rs unr ter. usesre dtroy. asou s yrselearl 50n r. hoeses h dveoy as sburny.el it'srl0 ho hnbloablern it'sike a's wzon lo >>leeporr: y 're'se goi to a g w torookn nowndn t>>or ye tooio g fire uttooko - t >> yeh,o ay w hfi sometfries -d falynd s yehat wehoman ie do. fa s repter:hat theardet ing r y . epr:t hede g yigh w, yound yo famy? gh >>ell, eavi ourome. t, ilou yoam e>>l,viure. hon t, ioukn stgettg ou nre at tsukn poin the'sttou not ng a ther aome inanhelway beotebuier slop a weme haaye ouruives. op>> rorte w steahankouus. r te tery mh. takenk are. anksor oppi fo m u ke ane. so y u ks c sepi ho haku o y ce hak
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pele a. a cole o pe a. peoe waed t ay hoe. co o eyant toeoumpe out teirwa t seme, stho ahe ntoput tr mesthef th ter. whatendeup hpeni is that on the aterr.ame , itame fasand s soowerl th atit kdecked hutnills elontrichey er e it thee asd gsoeraters cthuldn kedrk. el icat w sor of t mheent wn gtheyat cdn aliz tha the wask. ing be wor t mt w ey izhaheas g e ayut. tryi to t dwno they . mes,0 yioomes ttat we dthurne tohe ounds, ta a es t wloo th isne jus to som othend ta devaatiohereoo. 'rethsusom oe eeing j tvaiore eatio tat werein jtioippe t .re furnureerywre. therpearerees at hve rneamme yw th.selv und erees hme thlvnd cas. is icaall 're iseel g.e weere lkinin pces th kn-higter. ulevd oreetree we afte intre ps aftestre .knigr. home areevroeeft clore to o tere othe me erighnow,o tlo to o the he ghw, heeople sa lok,e gotplut wh our livebut his saloometng tyot
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arnot ing for wt fo aou vet ves , ve lon etti t arct ol. g or foa veveonti c. deorahi wtdeah toalk out w the fis. why e theok t fefigers e havgfi so m yy throbls pting fthesigsav ames mbl pnges esou >>eporr: col, i'hearg ou bi andieceof y r >> or qu ction let telyou at io kn abi't thare fis. bi thndhomeceare y woquenon vert el vu y ikn abthfi ol th mewhate hppenwoin smer v ces ol wis ca at do hn,en s iitedomec res.wi ca so o e thdoe hos iede floo d, s. what oe'reth hein ihothatthe ectrooal oxes at -rehe peoe l iftat thouturneg t m tresff. - oneo lhose go unde ournwa termou . ha urgon ansego tdeere rewa fir. harg an there twhate 're bintoldr. abt p plethho eat ridg e bld ab peo e thid out. 20 refiters thisecamth t. 20 fisixrslarm isam ixrmaze one n deribeit loi wld r iize e itzdebeoiruck w afr truc ii tz fles signdck f uchuge agin50 fl s hom hatave ge
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mple lyin bnedomte le bd he ound anrea at rlly t hie hardnd ironallyyou n fe rig no the aninda rhat'y hi rd onlyu fecomiig. he 40nd mint'es ago cal, wemi. saw 40e mosino mcagnifentea rabow osat m jifstt phycall raamedw ts ar. mae it a jsihy.ll edo tows ar anmaay, it'llkeepou si pdat fromws hee, an, rollep >> i heat t's omaheol i h sn. s thk yooreavg usithy sttleit ofthyo lig atavg uheend hy of t t nel. le deigrah yerit rorti lid for i ttl. quee. de >>h weri r tintlio r iead ck toeeew >> jers, ad monacho. the's enrssome sormoch ths ofme breaorge ia m o ea ilee or berm we'vhear al theleorter. rmll 'v usar a elactlthehater us etlatbrokin new rsey >>t tisime wokre not sw e whey b ke i it ts amerobl w withot s whblevt arbl j tth b ause o thurgevr of e te jt th bseas o th geall erf newerse t a nth york at cld h e ju l usheewsehat a
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n orter er th c hjulehee it r h leonace. i wh we'eein n are thr townacthatave enwhe'in dasta nd.rehr wnate moonhie,ittldtaferr an t wnf one,tlrran t cartadt this hpenefteridnit lastardtnig .is ha snege ote watni r hedst io g thos st theown rd i ost. eonace, en ery ngletreein ac eymoochie was coleredeeith five toseven t eighofeetie owa wacoer.dthiv it'soustve tevastingor 's >>t as alsngeard worof pplth on>> top o ls tirrdhomeoron pofs, onop o wait tg toetmes, itto rcued >> rorter >>ye. r ed ar rte o ye ona ie ttr h oses traer t 've d pe hles go g upra pa e peop thr sond sry of thr home we'v beenth sd sf reshing nce 2: th mormeng a ont'vue teno do esg e . 2: wee go thor a resrcesnt tfrom d tate. weweegogotheeses natnal omard te
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re, e st e wepocete weatavel urd , stpo wee rgenountpoli depamentsherf's partnt and l thenntli panters rt d thmunipalies i berg couniy hali bee igivi thrsets boat larrgouhaee vi uckshat nthots thrghhat at ghar kst t eryby jt com toethe anwe'rwarayi fo th yb peo je om tho toheowns an>> i'rsyi greohoeo hea ho amerans nsaw tethe in itimere of neeea i oveers tha tthenme abo isof eecontry ve thcoldha mstomplboate is rco resrye th ldwork ms,plthe gh th 'reeslrearkth theeawe. it stf stl drzlin lotsf war. ijustwe cn't igine owit sstdrin mi rabltstheywa ist ct mus i newbe. >> yknow mi bleyhat? th resuse. yow t? rkethheyese phenenal theye puingketotherey we'vgot anher oup enal coeyngpug in ftomer 'vtanr pco fmirmgngia th's gng t ta ove te tis aftnoonmg th'reorkigith g tor a ommta ve go t. thfte aronour theki neigors. a 'rmm rking go tharrigs. in gethem geem -
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>>jeae, i tinkeos th conntion acan u stl he t me?ke hay. nnon n sthee? . she'gone yohearwhat goi on moachi lite fry a e'ne yoaratoin mohiit f a ca stad innew rsey brea i a caadnw ey eavee mayb sothincaus a he sue of ter. ery reeten th toybf soinus hsuof r. y etthto f onace foded ac fedhis moing. asou hrd jnne barasa, mog. as ch hf jfe rataf chaf telng youo fare'veeardel no lo o life.u that theoest ews abrtve trdo lo area fe athet issb moing. t wer ss ea at nyumog. dica> r nteratent aff mbers an u lice ca r hingert tof mrsan e cuatce 200 rngo patits ely tsrnin that ecturatiso20 touing. ti e t rsesinado he at urbiesromo thoug. esicuoe esom th tensearenitu breae ashey criedhem dons thee strstecae t eaasy el catoredwentmout. dohe theystad nca t eleltricory.nt sot. ey pla ns flaligh wereltheic
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so on ligs holaitalorkehada gh er getell fonhoseighoalke incdibld sicket ople ousencbl ck le ou 're tying to g soone om the h spit e t tengs ifto g sothine arep th ad hit unni.e ifif wge so one inre the ane of cnirse,we'l whareoe tehe inrmatn wi you cw wie, the'lmorng litre t're le t s inheat fiwitou > wi hegns rnlidesucti. roe tarc sno iit in s stibury rorcpa i. n wh dhing ok lery tis pa whng l t rnin rob? >> wl, inb? w cal, i'sard beeve at wjustit hh ti andhe wer isca id bee wst h as r ti nd ba w fro iwherit icomped wreit wasts ni t.baroer i mpnot ba w loong mor wng wn t niyouust ok out t onbaheooean.or w we'rstan nguont tut oardlkn. ich s'ran t staid me rddage. h me strcas and ai ramere thdawn u.on e stasndamre th u bodwal watcyourlf he. the hos arall arod tboal tc ur bo hdwal ththeyhoearlro tctuay blt t boalop ey u wh theresse gtsua bobad p caustheatererta lywhhe wasss g congdnder h e, usingeerverta ase to o th
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coerbrdwa ash g wer toth anbup gwas whs wasback in twe day-yo betrelie anre s gewhasck tayresuranandyetie s e ops douveresan ndshop thisrea s s ve op isa ust be use for oragfor e pa -- tdon'bese knowow my yes. cole opeop we lkedo or ha sai maybag thir pa i- sn' -- aow m ye bad co it oope ed loo rihataiyb hiow i -ybe tess smad tlessgoo ini se e ses,nsur cess monma ghtss ben s ab to omet ng a li le s,ur beoner ther gbethis ab to inget ai be er gs tg ing farssburparks keed. e war ca lasnigh obouslhit ese eas.g ar ur manrk ke. wacacaass,gh j tobslt e s. fun ledan down theca jidewks andun d barred i o wnthewnd rr itow ke i takeg wi it wcks,oil,ll rts deb s. i the rowaysre aoluty ke litted wwiht s, nol, o y s deebis th rofromyshe autbe ch tt f wmheno o eocea omfrom hebe fstore om ea omor te sidelk s t dewades, b s a l of ese reetampsave ne dn. the's ndowthatre bwn t alwaover bhe p lcef e etpse d st l, fthodeds oadwowsat b c erin aler p st feddw cin alotf ts deis. gingeoplnot go t. not
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t tde dr.e ngplarout .o s c panit are no trrng toou shut ff cgani.reno we d'trto utneedgaore res ound d it'soingo te somtimeor edthese s fndodwars t 'sng tom uplef es fwa t not of ceportce. leere fre two gups ootff senirt. e wo cizensnnursg gs ohos,ni escintiansy, ttrs ho esia t dinot e evacite. tey'rbasilly rand wiout wer,o cku ac . ge rato , bu'rtheysie y nday. wi t nor,erioku inries rgetobuey. noio ines fatatieso rert fmasbu re bu fyou n bet llake a bu lo pa buu lngeime t ick tkee lopiec andut lhinges bac tk to ttherndecov ecndngac frotoer hurraneovndy. caro >> irohink yrr're eght auty. ro i nk at. ye t a ro maiano .>> mlions of ople arero hopg r manonshi . mon plfse m ele thee sunopome ou hii thk tply'll mheun hav ewait our th w tle.llav it w. exana stle hour foreanst. deboh ferickstaid she h sawr a re. bofeckdhe
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rainw. aw meorolical the mst portt th g in w, wres is meoling.alhe m ght?rt th oumbs up w ere.g. th're t? b h mb u gog dow e. esay goth thie an bheother go is ownot 'sy movgoghi nehe weis-norwest t 15ot mis pe hour ovthats cong do.weor st at i15not goo dmi peurthin at thiscotorm do.xpecd to it oo w aken in buis is rmpect to swec todon. th wen bu ndsow m imumcto sustaeddo th nds s mum.ta sostil s tento .dot. th esoilindarent congowno beuse do wil th ndweaen. ocent on cculaon ribete il a nt no c layou n barily s i rit ere,o m esu ba s st oit ilad phiae, wheris t ms ing? o ght w it' mov g aadtia er t g? mis pe hour t t' th eovectaon a wi ow. miherepe ituris. th e tacan u beeve iew. reergytisf n bee this gy sur sto? issuto eastnorti ss it,f cose, e huican trocal elem ts, st9" oti rai ins t, co, huan ro del ware em , we9"ernain dere wen poionsore a r'eaer, of ow aleaspons e in w t vi inia nd eeaecti, f a poasntiay anher ot. ere'the in a th wsnowviia eti poiaanr .
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e'e a thh is ill ppenowg. he is e moment righnow ucanseeuesd ths l en moheing,s he cmoternt ghw nesd mog, cr olow prsure o w prsure pr reby tighte'reoingo seit mo ande innly sternew rk. pr tomrerow,t lo s fr thtre ng weseern nnsy aniamoust ndinouy erw can .e j t omw, weslofr o w yowen sy ia t ound ton onto j. es vy sl t yo ndove. soventotoy vedndayl t andntoe. so nursd nw yodnynd ando waingt ha sd 2 n5yo annd 35-m e-pewahourgtindhasts. 2 stanl a ote-mpeurds.stm. the dstficuy wit thite destctiost trng toe c dancu ituphi this stiotrto c hurcaneid nup comin isd g thertalyurneot nom g ontaday ickhittt. we'lbe dingith ion ty ursdktt an ven'l dg ioh tfrisdy. nom sdyook ioo i lip, s rtaiky nothe octurp, e sturl 5s ad ym sst to 5ys a drping 10 1 5toileser hrhe nt wdr ngys 1 idayes sti hr n35-le-p-hou windusts fomashitono neayyorkti5-ty. -p ou it' and whtse f lothiofniser ne rk foa. longt' me.he >> otyep erby t weend fo nallitngill e. i p cada d t reayee ll cl eari
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up c>> ta nkdeagodns. cpoorri up tdn anador >>ad c>>ada. >>lexdra ntiod tca. snfalln st rgin. ex weal ta ioou to twest virgsnia.ll u wo t beineve . we wetal beack. tostrg. wobee webek. don spe mon galine on pei on probly ing to t gastati gane i roy g abou tonceas monti. la timi waat aas stionouceon was out.i wod sa.. laimo mowahs a a. son s t.i vewo rarsay t gamo a my chy vo. vear i gogao thgas atio su a sll aunt ychvogoths io su s at that fort hoto p gas in mcar. at or[ maho ann pnceras mand r.'s n justhes owns vingmahe vnnt hier pra e. d nuseswn volteceid thj.d.owernd aocia sng vhira ltappeei awa
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rirepters he be a rtuaarmy f i> ormaon f useprs hbe uamy ima f usthisideoastake ndayn is eensde it owshe vyke ayooden ns stets ar s vrock aydebeac thin arest bes er ts moningck theyace impvingbut inre thibes t e stlmong eyretmpngbadthi su r tormst toy'sd ks wi surmne day.ell to s thrrand kildri abo hiory ing deasle thnddrpeakbo thdest ctiohihardy og ethom poweak utaths inst 13iord th werni milonta hines3 andat. bsinees wiout thni il eltricy or h dhet. b nehurrane wircetinds elicorhe rre eds ried into theaste cordor,he st pulatri par of t to cotry. en tay, erceindsreheteorr, owin pfromatar t geoia ll coe y.y t, cedsnada
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at linst omeopeol ar d ad nd da fldwat s ha l paryzeduchop ofarhe dd flathaaredh ofea. inew yk, aport bries, bwayall cledheisasrea in y sh aing rtri t, be one ayl thecl as rrst u. shstorg te ndy hes alpawn t uor blzardhat uld ankey al rts wn st vginiwithp to tee ft blrdt d ke s vnith t f of ow. ckss lookpret dsn'tf . ? s boy, can ie daokgeroet. d't is ihea w y,an iesnw. da maroin iavida w sns maidn ng ss skisvil we virnia. >> rorte ifecki ilr lly.weira. rate ostcd cistm ecndf rsceny. whh wuldn tcd ctm fed aut ien werwh'th t wedn ft th ts ishe d be are erhalleen. te f the how h t is delln. e h pedp ptty avy re. mperure deges, e p oppmumempaturfor p hy vy y . ersnowe, thats opactlmwhatmphey'urr h gett gn t ow. h herat tlat ey'vatis of est ttgirgia. t thiss hr ndy. eti and,off cot segi it' is valy diy.erenfrom wt manyd,co pele
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t' w aonghea diencoaomline w.t hernyin te a gmotaint iane a bl zarder t ad it goi to mo inmainhis iay we' ablrdto a lt thwaoio t ough odayins and ie'oto tomothow fter ton.ghaynd i we got out mo er. o a goot he. t th aicipe anher oot,a h th aipanrt, mae t wl co dow poweis o to is aa. the arnow co tiesma t tat w co arow uder we oo a tharw coes t ar ur bliard warng.lid u meionethe od wningrn on t of at, e hi win warng. wi blong u in t menee weesng t f get, erehiin rntoda wilothe u t dries ete was adahitenucrie dveon asghwa a wehoulalsoucoint dut th wa th ma weulsont thinte tateth stlma clos. th're kingterogrtesst in os yingtho gee it nggropen the cnditnsn rea y,ngge en car e st cmiseitble teare. cold wiary ad ve see trchers on.he ldwiroad a >> ivet matrsere ononcnedeabou porad iouges. mathat swisncdou poous. at s rlly avy. ry ther s al ay. wling wi. y wo aout how anyeral pele areinitht porwi in wes
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wovirg aia tts owrniny e >>eporr: r ht nehethpo n nueres elargvely tlin cpare >>or r n, sa her nula lylstat. cre sa r at 200,0 pele witut per. t yore ectlyight 0, pethe re tt thsnowomes down- an thit p. yos ely tht rea ye tth ow es ick, eavywnansthff. it'soingso dg t doweahe tr k,vy s .mbs. alr'sdy sng dow tha iletr we weredring. s. t ee lr splodaboveha e eus re ceri. t odowerg doovith bra ches. pow lin erdoththe. hatherras. owbe, woind ave th dragd haerbewo thedowne as we ag sa rhtere tere iheswn w no eectrity. sa don rknowxactre the te icaus noetheit's eindtr ory.owe onlineowcthe down us wilbe a heprob'sm tndtr wwellne onlywnet il aob t w wse tought th rol? youook co mart. w tgh ththanyou ry my.h. l?we ouk cort. anu m appriatei >>eporr: y. >>oorprtemart. ue rgei >> moortain y o >>rort carona arto gog to g rhitmo in snort fom s er srorm agoto gt no sdy. f sasse sclos at my s. seost my blic scol s ichooland lleg thisc s morng. ste ofmergcy w decred r 24ounts in orth ol d caroegna bhiausef th snowrn snowstofrg wecd
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24ntinth ro is beingsethow ow bmed r ve stng wdssngecrein bd ve vi bilist shingw ltruck are tvilin forhg tryi to teh thes. rdsckclrear. r yio he r wilbe aclig j. thi rnin il a jhi ve ceragof tffes in cag tfe ndy ntin ss ter is qck brk. y ins r q br
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:31 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:49 am
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9:55 am
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9:58 am
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10:06 am
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10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
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10:22 am
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:29 am
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10:30 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:42 am
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10:43 am
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10:45 am
10:46 am
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10:47 am
beenci damad. we e al o nderrdg ab tt thha en casis the,ma weal erabth sithali. >>eporr: wl, ty'rehut wn. wenlifor -- wt for >> aor w tret surv abo t. ours en ar- wt or a lookt th sirvatiobo but they rs d s atverhing do her eokth wanobo on sieiouty sardwk.erng therdohas en seer dame to wa bo n eoaralkn an dw erisols ed s am arto. mo of ariskan intt. ol so ignsarave me moown.f for te ntsino sohesnsee n.e or al t stctur thno hav es prably e erieed meal fldingturut wwerehav tal ngprlyo eie firefficls w werflng on the w re boaralk ald th soid her ere ic w erwasonhe arportk th s o ythier tha s rt hiresehaled eney. the thgs we tolly, totay cleddow se youd ecalneaew thth wtoays y, taocl it s theow fst t ng oual cis s rist didashutng dtn th e f tasis d c stidut d evaatin them e si the bordwa. soyou ow, thevainemasin yo he havehebowa. ta sou ahal, heinyo veli'saal caes's, umpalacover's the. th're l st esown., pac er ere'nothg go g onthon hethe st bon.dwal most f th store' on thegoon boaralkse tboseal stth metorn e uttear to kosee th tr stes ery etniht. e re of teo hemethst ad y ni. plreood ft onmtop.
10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
losees. rd ttellhat 's gngo th ar.hessbuss memb, ca l, alos. tllt g dasta ng this li thi are,mbca a y d thtarainas jhitlihi pe,ked th in re, dsvasting j the pare,dhere ere ebuiin and rk, t dbest g he e,donresome mes e uiat off ts itd t onmes sofou aays ve titlookt a rrice or bi srm at leas sixsoonth as t okt aa d lickorbi sck aat it oasxth e whher a ere'been l a net l s ar i ao ne whr e'en l obousl thardoest maer ne ght now. therare pimpleem obwithslashhaesma f w t prw.lems erthereare ople pe whoant eirthh f prychemss. soerhat'e notleho st ethir mos peopre inki a ut he medi ely,so bt'ttwe sftenhiooos op e baki and asa ou diy, b kn, onen bance metibasndhese thisas arnot rmfu tknon ba e eti enomysehi causther sart sfu t mh ext erk iolve edmyn us er mreuildxtg, ive recotrucon, d reld rebilition >> iope u'reight co uc al, veli, reli reponting liv ie rehtfrom alel lant cit n epngrseiv omwe'ltake qck eak a bntit n ck wh mu morsein t "n sroo'l"ke q k a b wmuor t "noo
10:51 am
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10:52 am
10:53 am
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10:54 am
withirst s. sfloost sond r te flhers, d th havesn thst attoo s d ar. soflou w, e juthavtt arlkin so wju aut masse, msivemoun of in wate ain ve ss m shvetunfperi of time teso he yoe let msh ju takrif methis h ecturyo yohavehe fkset muak oveher is just - thur are getyongve f offan veain,ere er e oth stthprobrem et w. ff 're n,e thob geing down ur. 's ne srtin to rine ag inwn. the n reser s wasin taoingbout r th sto a su ge.eesasta g utll, is jt kps thtosuini.. w, w t a , js kond. ng ni ike, wa sd. i ha some,ody er he stdingnhaomer y hst ngbalcy. wa witme rhthere see,here lc dywait r shs onre here,re deck orhere dshon rec ore ere's way shs gng e' an here ay h se's ing neeto g g anrescred. >> s g ee g sa, ho deepscs th >>ater >>eporr: iussahoepther >>or ipott r. it i'm not it tde. mot gog tooswrewheranywre o to ar tre b the carhere arereerubmged dyw wo d s y t bhear re
10:55 am
's aeleasupobm hed if i wo go sg toy walintohe he u dot kn whaifs un ir gotoal to re. u dot knr. whehe pdoknhaun fallare it' . ju dokn ahe vrye p dangous tuatlln.e t' weju dn' v waed wan thatng s at welad d wa r inance or at anat ntlen,ad trng tget f thr ince der s and me wkingle outrof h tet otth knde andet s anded or w wng dot kn whauthei he heth prknlemsndre. s de wat'snoth thi do isknha eiaginhe e raumprmsndhe. 'sthhi strs th is ese inople um a gogtrthrothh, d a e tle of em tt w're a eing agoero el rly d as a f ou t t walle ng amentned,hoselittly as ds, 's lntd,sejusttl reay fr, hteng siatio >> a probly dn'tet a sleelastightst teaought hefren si io cose aroy o'tthe a storeestht tsaraghit wand to skco oeu, sce yoorhaveeen ere,ave ura anen ato the wat s yoven e,e ae hecedatat al >> redorte actlly 're eing itustove aro d, a alw wi r thitect py tinge ngittrae, i roink a's tual on e ihi p inngease so tt's realrai bad sik n. aln cerinly ou inntiosed ts al forehatadsiome oferhe flyks u ioere d caed 11 dreingt t me cose othe ghtof a fd then e ca di't dg rec tve cony oe t arespse.en dido rall aect somesp. rl apoin yestday vernmechstiiin sa sfyist at y mern pnt ding
10:56 am
the ightchf thiistor sayitt mght p too dan drousg e ht fothor th to m tnd o t fi too reondean butusfo th o ce ainl a lo oof qfistio asre de ut hy they dn'teven cenl gelo a qnios aner athe he 'ten91 geste a repter: ell,an ae shod ao pot o teat, ou k w, pept r: l, ofhisho my a bpo o th t celt, kphon p wernot bleofs to get m h trougel we, onr inerancethaveleadoet allyard me e n ug , geining ce ve ll sviceo yo th lyd e morng. wegeg s dce'tyoth now rn we e syem i d ju oveoade w thatay he be pt ofhe sy i oble wh pele ting juveode at hdialbeut l pt nioft. weust n't kno le worpe t ag actf al l nitheyere weunabt tno t a get throcth.f eye ab wow! rry, tetguysro see,his t pr blemw! i juy, sppedys e,s tffpremere d ju sed thersa herop rgh ie he er h wapr. r >>tep t ofhere ra. don' getwaoursf in>> ap ofre siatio >> rortea. it'sall n'trrshtinut 've jsitio reay g rtet'ol atch r ere 're ingnd at'se jea on g ofhe rsonschhy y ue ealle g wa to'son ma ofsure r thans-- y u >>ll sar arewaotheyakina th reha >>ar re meoweyrs toinhteteoro? ow t younow ich elteteo? the vern saitheyetne up i
10:57 am
ouw h te e rn tetaiboroey b i'm i woerinif tre a othetro b 'melte set up n rer?woin t ath teetp >>eporr: i non'tr?now at. eseeop ha bee he>>oror i 't w numb. of urs. e e on peoe wopcana sa for sureeehat rehe tmbenf s. ont waeothe wna laor youaw ire thet st ttche who owaiouse wasavin laomeou i hend ofthe o ousasinistss e nd, ou kn i'm ingost , kn m tgy too thnext timee coack yous le meet se othe ttoth peoxte mecoove we'lk talkouo tlemnd me s oe fiuteo somef thrve 'llk tdstoesheirfi tpersal s riesmeth but w wted o bri youir the rs s suaties asut w w's dd elop g ri t riouw.he weave t s atiothesrescover he d.opri you ow, ey'r wee ullg a mohescer anhed me pele u , out,'rndllmo an mpe t,e had yet youan s the guys wang toughhe war. >>haan y pus in ot ou sheuy twat so tegh casee waat rcue ppeng >> y us o rit n. wean s tso itca lite e re enbit th eri dtancn you rewe satcng tseitit ret es th d nc ashey u t is ihapping litere asy hn. fe iy, n jerppy.g it onof t nghbooodshere just fe n ierndat on tit nbodsre st iatater a obab abo twoo tee erzen opleaveeen a escu ab bo wo fa t n tlesenrnincu
10:58 am
sara wllacfa haseenther t for usinhrohouthe raorni and wac asshe'nbeenerorakin rosut thniugh nd e'enin hoowne andheir fsilie th h veeen oughn honendei fie t en ghhigh grnd. repter:es. d yocan ghe th're ying to bng th famgry. r ht ep nowr:. as w reyon the ng bham rlkin aboow wit th're appein inboanks. obousl teseeopl the ustpe grabd wtevenk obsl teplheyt cabuldd w ved thwateis vy de yere ey cde. so'm jt trng tget thte vde e ey all re oi so jhinktre ha t t a ttleoy ineyl o tha rft a nk ha m a lein tryg thao r a s an m ederlry tpers i bievehat'in t s n ra thas inheoregund, e anrl the whatrshey' bvet' tryi to ra hado iinshey'egd, tnsfe inan heematy' yio y iy' ano ter feb t, s os y raftcanactulyno beeadyb t go bk in ftn antu ple outdymore t ople bin ian phel ar thasuteingre le flded. re warhavehang reser tting th lite bo fld. n wisve esack. in i'll etthitbo yust- welk. pus ll in he anthers yby, beliste,wenus hiarms haner awell, linimss all yocan e thlitt chd in theed.
10:59 am
yo we n e ththttittlchin eoy . e thtl y ingi. >>t brks yr het t see anyby inhis nd o gi siatio >>br y thhee pele a leang wh ee ba callyblittin mors than ohe irts nsiio eir th bpecks a aea w otba lltt orknowang wh the re g ngtsn to r able bo gesback anheir ow homwh.he g m su hapo t atlehey'ge outckirom of t t suap tuat tn. y' thutgoveor w sayg elier that th t'v setp at heltthsve at way eer ath terborand etherlt atcatis neby. erybtey isoroingd o ger ouof tiere. at'she gd ne ne.bout hat yb isng gesituouion tha e.ho e. 's g ne>>ut andt not tunlyn hahe gornorho sayi arehey ingnd tthavey tooor suly fd a war to yirey theg tve opeop whoave en su fresc ad orato are neing e opshehoer, e t a loscof porple st ar leang wh thneclotg s onheirhe, a bac and lo p e llea w edthotonir dyacnd cthes o put don ce ty geto t slter ces so ty art tge t sernow ramb ng t tar try finclots fopeopw mb t y inotfoop as wl. go ahad sara. >> weporr: y ow, 're ahst n goi t storaand lk >> or y the , e noploito ey'rtood trmatith ut pl have o sh you'ro ke ptrl ovti, weave is veshou lady pho hov juswebeene renite th her g. dy husen 'am,'mrete


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